100% Woman Owned Business: Award: BEST OF ALBUQUERQUE, 2018

26 YEARS plus OF BUSINESS EXPERIENCE includes Alternative Di

Our Experience

Voted Best of Albuquerque 2018

We share our passion for excellence  by assisting others to become their Best Self Yet both personally and professionally via multiple venues and skill sets.. 

When appropriate we will achieve your best through alternative dispute resolution/meditation classes and/or mediating employee issues to put you on a solid track to success and profit.

With a business coach, our processes are designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth and limit your turnover. 

When employee training is right for your team members, The Business Connection's over 26 years of facilitation and training experience assists in empowering your members to operate at the top of their game.

As a co-parenting coordinator Dr. Jane is a neutral third party who serves a divorced or separated couple as a decision maker and a facilitator of communication.  

Our 26 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE includes alternative dispute resolution

25 yrs. serving Native American 
Tribes; we understand the value of cultural respect & traditions

Over 26  years of serving entrepreneurs local businesses, families, government agencies and Native American Tribes and Nations.

~ Local businesses thrive on our professionalism and unprecedented results whether it is employee training, mediation/conflict resolution skills or diversity issues.

~ We respect Native culture and traditions along with your dedication to create 21st century leadership. All of our services have been assisting Native Americans individually and collectively for over 26 years. We offer both on-site classes and those listed in different cities nationally throughout the year.

~ From USPS to Police Departments of Universities and different state law enforcement agencies our classes and mediation services continue to be valued. Continuing education credits are available for these as well.

~ We continue to provide excellence in Mediation Services, Mediation Training, Conflict Resolution and time honored employee training practices, including Coaching your professionals thereby assuring you the results that you deserve

~ Dr. Jane also serves as Parenting Coordinator for families. Currently she is working with a family who was chosen by both parents and approved by the courts.   

As a parenting coordinator I am able to assist with all systems impacting the family unit and over time the ability to bring resolution to the disputants with issues that currently seem insurmountable to the individuals going through them. While nothing is a guarantee, I do know that open, honest and respectful communications between people always makes a real difference.

~ Dr. Jane continues to serve within the Native American culture for this specialized service as well as all diverse communities.

~ Dr. Jane is one of only three Parent Coordinators in New Mexico. Her service is available via Skype, Zoom, email and in person.

Why Us?



We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a business coach with the right partner and skill set or coaching classes for your team or management members, we continue to provide the best and most up-to-date processes.

Call us today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 



Tensions can run high when former spouses have to work together and oftentimes, divorced couples feel like they are no longer allies. Yet, when they have children, there are numerous decisions that the divorced couple needs to make together. Enter professional decision makers, also known as co-parenting coordinators. A co-parenting coordinator is a neutral third party who serves a divorced or separated couple as a decision maker and a facilitator of communication. 

  Here are five reasons to work with a parenting coordinator:

               * You may spend less time in the courtroom. 

               * It may reduce stress on your family. 

               * It's an opportunity to improve communication skills. 

               * Parenting coordinators will help you to make the right

                 decisions for your children                      

               * Improved shared parenting means more time to focus

                 on your children.               

What's Happening at The Business Connection

Current Classes Available Through The Business Connection

  •  Basic Mediation Skills for Certification
  • Coaching Skills: for employee to employee; supervisor or manager to employee and personal relationships
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ethics and Conduct Becoming including Problem  Solving Practices
  • Interactive Strategic Planning, for Management and Tribal Councils (great for one to three or five year planning)
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mediation for Managers
  • Supervisor/ Management Training
  • Teen and Young Adult Mediation
  • The Power of Conversation; Communications Skills  and Time Management Skills
  • Violence and/or Harassment in the Workplace


 Read What Participants Have to  Say About Dr. Jane and 

The Business Connection 


“My friend is a gifted business woman who coaches from her heart besides her vast knowledge” ~ Darlene Karn, Las Vegas, NV

"Jane is a trusted associate who has the experience and wisdom to work through difficult situations and resolve conflicts. 

I trust her instincts."

~ Sherry Foust, Business Owner. Advertising Ideas, Farmington, NM

 ​​​​"I really enjoyed the content of this class. The information provided not only helped me to become a mediator, but also assists me in my everyday life."

~Sarah Rowland, Asst. Chief of Operations, Omaha Tribe, Nebraska

"I have known Jane for over 30 years and she is a wonderful communicator and coach. Jane has the ability to see the larger picture of a problem and give impartial advice that comes from a spiritual place.  She has helped me   many times over the years."        ~ Joann Ballinger, Master Artist, Bozrah, CT

"I just completed the "Basic Mediation Skills" class with Dr. Jane. It was great and now I have tools for my work as well as my life. Thank You!" ~ Lou Ann Cloud Eagle, Cheyenne River Sioux  

​​​ "Dr. Jane, I don't think I  would be able to do my  job as the Peacekeeper  for my Tribe if I had  not taken this  course, (Basic Mediation Skills). It has made such a difference. Thank You!" ​~ Orville Cayou,​  Peacekeeper, Vice-Chairman, Omaha Tribe Nebraska

" Thank you Dr. Jane. You class was very inspiring and helped me so much in identifying  the areas I need help. I look forward in attending more of your sessions."  ~Kim Crow Eagle, TECRO,  

Rosebud Sioux Tribe  

"  It was a great pleasure meeting you. I can’t wait for my co-workers to finally meet you in person! You are very inspirational person. Have a great week Dr. Jane. ~ Kimberly Crow Eagle, Rosebud Sioux (#2)

" I greatly enjoyed the Mediation training I received from you and have regularly utilized many of the skills you taught me. I also plan to attend more classes in the future." Pilamayaye.

Shane Thin Elk, Attorney/Consultant, Omaha Tribe, NE


“After following Jane's suggestions my business just took off. I was stuck and almost left my profession. Now my practice is moving forward and I can see growth. I have regained my passion for my profession. Thanks, Jane!”

…Dr. Karen Genter, Chiropractor

"I was skeptical to spend the money at first, but after working with Jane I believe everybody should have the opportunity to utilize Dr. Jane's coaching skills. It is money well spent!" ~ …John Perner, CPA. 

"I already enjoy working with you. You have such a knack for this.  WOW! - I'm impressed. " …Sharon Carr, Consultant (“After her first visit!)

Business and Personal Coaching


  • In coaching, the worth of an individual is always held unquestioned. Each person is held in high esteem knowing that no one is wrong or broken, and that he or she possesses all of the resources needed to excel. 
  • Business Coaching simply and elegantly assists individuals, groups or organizations to identify and clarify what it is that they choose, then together we focus on the journey to get there. 
  • You will be achieving your goals by collaborating with someone who holds your best interest at heart while working together with you in a safe and confidential manner. 
  • Groups learn to work as a team benefiting from each other’s expertise instead of vying for power. 
  • Business and/or Life Coaching assists you to achieve the rewards you so rightly deserve.



  • Do you want employees that are more creative and productive? 
  • Could you be more focused? 
  • Coaches are used for a wide range of professionals. 
  • Businesses become more profitable when their owners have business coaches. 
  • Owners as well as employees tend to become more focused, motivated and effective 
  • Most successful business owners as well as key individuals have coaches in today’s chaotic business climate. 

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 Wed.—Fri. , Jan. 8-10, 2020.  “Conflict  Coaching” Albuquerque, NM  

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