The Power of Words in our World


How Can I Get One

These  can be purchased directly from The Business Connection.

When purchasing from Dr. Jane directly, you may have it autographed if you choose.

Two of these books are available on as well.

Books by Dr. Jane

 Lessons of the Rose, Six Steps to Personal Empowerment  

This  journaling  book is comprised of six  lessons  along with meditations to assist the individual in becoming the leader of their life. 

Your Coffee Break for the Brain  ™

This little book  can be carried easily in your purse, briefcase or however you choose to keep it with you. It is designed for you to take a break from your busy day and read some stories that are uplifting, true and heartfelt.  It also contains quotes from famous and not so famous people and a short section of business tips.  

Spiritual Insight...7 Sisters, 7 Continents , 7 Lessons

Speaks of how each person, each country and each continent's people are waking up to who we were created to be and how so many of us refuse to wake up to that reality. This has some known history along with new spiritual information that will debunk what historians believe

DOUBT...Destroyer of Dreams   (released soon)

This book shares how to stop that old pattern and  habit  of DOUBT in its tracks and manifest your choices.

"Somehow it always knows that we have a great idea planned and yet as in a long-held habit, DOUBT creeps in and says, “you can’t do that! Or You can’t have that! You aren’t smart enough, good enough, spiritual enough or you do not have the financial means to make that happen.” The list of choice thoughts regarding DOUBT is long, but the result is the same. The answer is always NO! Maybe someone else, but not you